This salad formed part of a tasty mishmash of plates and bowls to share.  Perhaps raw endive is a bit of a risk, what with that bitter note that not everyone loves, but I’ve always been a big fan of the stuff, crisp and juicy and very pretty.  Besides, there’s plenty of other flavours here to tone it […]

I’m not sure exactly what it is about Indian cuisine that I find so appealing. It’s intrinsically comforting for me due to my background – growing up with an Indian mother, my diet was heavy on the curries and chapatis, among a few other things. But my love for the stuff is more than just […]

I saw a lovely post from My Kitchen Witch about homemade Jaffa cakes. I’m partial to a Jaffa cake every now and then, it’s sort of a guilty secret. They’re often on offer in the shops for 99p and I can’t resist them. By the time I’ve eaten five, however, I can’t ignore the dryness […]

Gado-gado wasn’t really something that was on my culinary radar, until a couple of weeks ago when I was flicking through a charity shop find – Madhur Jaffrey’s Far Eastern Cookery, a book to accompany the ’80s TV series of the same name.  It was a bargain – priced at a mere quid – so I […]

This isn’t something we have very often.  In fact, I posted a very similar recipe almost a year ago, and that was the last time we made it!  But after tasting this, I’ve decided that it deserves more than just an annual celebration.  Life is short, after all. The fruity tang of orange and the salty crunch of pistachios turn the typical, […]

At work the other day, I spent a little time chatting to a twinkly sort of man who at one point in the conversation paused, and then announced, ‘Joy is to be found not in the event of finishing an activity, but in the very act of doing it.’ Now, I can think of a number of […]

This rice salad is quite a gem – satisfyingly savoury and very, very moreish. B’s mum made it for us a few months ago and I’d been meaning to make it myself ever since. I’m not sure where the original recipe came from, but it gave recommendations to eat it alongside ginger and soy marinated […]

I’d been wanting to try using the combination of blackcurrant and liquorice in ice cream for a while now, but we’ve become so hooked on the coffee, cinnamon and rum ice cream I first made about a year ago that it’s hard to bring myself to experiment with different flavours.  But I’m kicking myself that I […]

My previous post involved caramelised chestnuts, and I mentioned that I’d blitzed some of them up until smooth to give a bowl of luxurious purée. I ate a couple of spoonfuls of the stuff straight, but I’m not a sugar monster, and needed something to tone it down. I decided to experiment with baking it […]

Over the past few long weeks whilst B has been poorly and cooped up, we’ve ended up doing the inevitable: watching too much TV.  I won’t divulge here exactly how many period dramas and 80s and 90s films this has involved – I’m good enough at embarrassing myself by accident, there’s no need to do so purposely.  But it hasn’t all been […]