I’d been wanting to try using the combination of blackcurrant and liquorice in ice cream for a while now, but we’ve become so hooked on the coffee, cinnamon and rum ice cream I first made about a year ago that it’s hard to bring myself to experiment with different flavours.  But I’m kicking myself that I […]

My previous post involved caramelised chestnuts, and I mentioned that I’d blitzed some of them up until smooth to give a bowl of luxurious purée. I ate a couple of spoonfuls of the stuff straight, but I’m not a sugar monster, and needed something to tone it down. I decided to experiment with baking it […]

Over the past few long weeks whilst B has been poorly and cooped up, we’ve ended up doing the inevitable: watching too much TV.  I won’t divulge here exactly how many period dramas and 80s and 90s films this has involved – I’m good enough at embarrassing myself by accident, there’s no need to do so purposely.  But it hasn’t all been […]

I have a little trick up my sleeve at the moment: crunchy roasted onion flakes.  Do you use them?  Years ago I used to keep a jar or two in my food cupboard to throw over dals and rice dishes, but I got out of the habit of doing that, and they pretty much dropped off my radar.  But then, a […]

My girlfriend has been hit with a nasty illness that’s been dragging on and on and on and on… She’s been laid up for two weeks without signs of it passing. Fingers, legs and eyes crossed it’ll pass any day now. Why do these things always seem to seem to strike at the worst time? […]

Gosh, I’ve gone a long time without posting.  How easily the days slip into weeks without much pause for thought!  A (beautifully) low key Christmas and pie, wine and friend-filled New Year feel long since passed, along with the promise of December.  Illnesses and anxieties and body-numbing cold have taken their toll and left weariness in their […]

We went up in to the hills earlier today, to nourish body and mind in the open air before the creeping darkness set in, which seems to be happening earlier and earlier with each passing day.  I wanted to collect sloes – late I know, but thought we might get lucky and happen on a few […]