We eat a lot of endives in the summer, usually as a salad, with capers and a mustardy dressing.  But for some time now I’ve been wanting to think outside of the raw endive box.  I must have seen a recipe somewhere for cooked endives, because the craving has been growing and growing, until today, when it turned up a notch and I had to make a trip to the shop because it was all getting a bit too Rapunzelesque.  No, I’m not going to let down my hair, it’s too damn hot for that.  Just gimme my endive!  Now, really I mustn’t complain, because let’s face it – I don’t exactly have to worry too much about fulfilling my extreme endive cravings.  It’s not likely to give me high cholesterol or diabetes or jeans that don’t do up (depending, of course, on how I cook the stuff.)  So I bought some, and had a look at recipes online.  Apparantly there’s a whole world out there of cooked endive that I never knew about, but in the end, I decided to start simple, and just rub the little babies in oil, sprinkle with chilli flakes, pepper and parmesan, and roast for a few minutes, until they started ever so slightly to caramelise around the edges.  They were soft on the outside, still crisp on the inside, juicy and sweet, and the fiery kick of chilli was a great seasoning.  New addiction!




As many endives as you like, sliced in half lengthways

1 tsp. oil per endive

1-2 tsp. parmesan per endive, finely grated

Chilli flakes

Cracked black pepper




Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Lay the halved endives out on a wire rack set over a baking tray.  Brush or drizzle with the oil, season with pepper and chilli, sprinkle over the parmesan, then repeat the seasoning.

Roast for 8-12 minutes, depending on your oven, and how well done you’d like them.  I took mine out after eight minutes, just as the edges were starting to brown and the cheese had melted.  Great enjoyed hot, great enjoyed cold…







  1. I never eat endives, maybe it’s time to buy some..?

    1. Give them a go! Do you like slightly bitter flavours? They seem to be more bitter when raw, but turn sweeter once cooked.

  2. I love roasted endives.. yum. I’ve never tried them with chilli.. what a great idea and the parmesan must perfectly take the edge off the heat. lovely.

    1. Thanks 🙂 They really were great! How do you do them?

      1. With apples or pairs, walnuts and goats or blue cheese

    2. That sounds like a great combination – sweet fruit and oozy cheese with endive and nuts. Must try!

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