Ice Cream

Our flat is pretty badly proportioned.  It’s mostly beautiful and spacious, and I always feel a little bit guilty, a little bit spoilt, saying anything otherwise, especially when you can’t walk around this city and fail to notice people whom clearly live their lives without any roof over their heads.  We’re lucky to have such a comfortable home.  But, spoilt or not spoilt, badly proportioned it is.  Tucked away right at the back of the flat is an itsy-bitsy kitchen with little storage space.  For the most part, we manage ok, trying to keep it as well arranged as possible, maintaining a somewhat awkward balance between keeping easily accessible the things we use most often, yet at the same time trying to keep free as much work space as possible. This means that we don’t really have any kitchen gadgets. We freecycled our microwave for extra space when we realised, six months after moving in, that we hadn’t used it. We can’t have a nice big food processor on the side, instead we keep an elderly one under the stairs for those rare occasions when we have to use it – for the most part, I’ve become reliant on my mini multi-purpose chopper. If we want a loaf of freshly baked bread, B has to roll up her sleeves and work her arm muscles, as there’s definitely no space for a bread maker. There isn’t even really space for an electric kettle – we have a stove-top camping kettle instead. My kitchen utensil dreams have to be kept small – even a mandolin may be pushing it. 

Unsurprisingly, then, much as I’d like one one day, we don’t have an ice cream maker.  I’ve always got my eye out for no-churn ice cream recipes, and am slowly building up my frozen dessert oeuvre.  Ages ago, I’d been flicking through recipe books in a second hand bookshop, and saw a simple ice cream recipe that used condensed milk.  The flavours of that recipe didn’t appeal, and I forgot all about it.  I then saw, a couple of months later, another ice cream recipe using condensed milk – this one was just plain old vanilla.  It got me thinking about trying it out, but I wanted to experiment with making it my own. I finally got around to it after buying clotted cream (something which I do maybe once or twice a year) to go with the summer pudding recipe I recently posted.  I knew there was going to be half left over, and having grown up with clotted cream ice cream, I thought it made for the perfect excuse to try out the condensed milk trick once and for all!

Now for the cold, hard facts:  this is some seriously luxurious, indulgent ice cream.  Those of you who don’t do fat and sugar may like to stop reading.  Any outrageous gluttons, on the other hand, keep scrolling.  Don’t class yourself in that bracket?  Neither do we, and I think we’ve got the middle ground down by rationing ourselves to a single scoop per portion.  And man, it’s so worth it, this has to be the best ice cream I’ve made.  Soft scoop, incredibly creamy, with the perfect amount of sweetness, each flavour comes through equally well and compliments the others.  Ease up on the rum if you only want a little hint of it – I wouldn’t say that this ice cream screams alcohol, but it definitely warbles it.



300ml double cream

200g clotted cream

300g sweetened condensed milk

2 level tbsp. microground instant coffee (yours might taste different to mine, so you may need a little more or less)

4 tbsp. dark rum (I used spiced)

2 tsp. ground cinnamon



So, so simple.  Put all ingredients into a large bowl.  Whisk together with an electric whisk set to medium, until everything is well combined and soft peaks start to form.

Pour into a Tupperware container, then freeze for at least eight hours (I can vouch that it tastes good before then, but if you want perfectly set scoops of ice cream, you’ll have to have a bit of patience.)


Ice Cream


  1. I’ll have to try this no-churn method. Never have enough space in the freezer to pre-freeze the special churning basin…

    1. It works really well, comes out really smooth and creamy…

  2. This looks really good! I too always have an eye out for no churn recipes for ice cream and I like that this uses no eggs.

    1. Yep, so simple to make and not an ice crystal in sight!

  3. Genius! I must try this- I’ve given up caring about fat content….. I’m going to grow old and get fat!

    1. Ha, such wild abandon!

  4. This …. this is worthy of the exalted place in the birthday dessert menu.

    1. It sure is! And tastes even better than it looks 🙂

  5. It looks amazing and so simple. If I wanted to make a vanilla version for my boys, what do I need to change?

    1. Good question… It didn’t use clotted cream, just double cream, condensed milk and vanilla. I’m not sure what the ratio of cream to condensed milk was, but I guess you could judge it depending on how sweet they like it and whether they like the taste of condensed milk! (The recipe I made above would be a bit too sweet for us if it wasn’t balanced out by the coffee and alcohol)

      1. Okay, cool. Thank you x

    2. Did you ever try out a vanilla version btw? Just wondered how it worked out if so 🙂

      1. Oh gosh, no not yet! I think it’s on my HUGE list of bloggers recipes to make!!!

      2. Ha! Too cold for it right now anyway 😉

      3. Not for me! I’ve just burnt my mouth out with a mega hot chilli – ice cream would be VERY welcome right now!!!

      4. Oh no! I hope you found something to take the edge off! A spoonful of tahini perhaps?!

      5. How you know me! That’s exactly what I did: covered it with tahini sauce – it was still damn hot though!!!

  6. My kitchen isn’t small but I don’t have an ice cream maker either. I can’t get clotted cream…do you think mascarpone could be a suitable substitute.

    1. I’ve not tried it. The science of getting smooth, crystal free ice cream without churning involves using less water content (which is where the condensed milk comes in) and a high fat content, so on the one hand I’d be inclined to think mascarpone might work. But then, I bought a tub of the stuff a while ago for a recipe which I didn’t end up making, and I looked on the pack to see if I could freeze it – it said it wasn’t freezable, so I wonder if you might end up with a funny texture?

      The only thing I can suggest is using extra double cream in place of the clotted – none of the recipes for condensed milk ice cream that I’ve seen have used clotted cream, so you wouldn’t have a problem there, it just wouldn’t be quite as rich as mine 🙂 Good luck either way!

      1. Thank you for letting me know. 🙂

  7. Ohhhh no. Why did I read this? Clotted cream, coffee, cinnamon, rum… sounds absolutely heavenly! Sounds like you and I have exactly the same kind of kitchen. I get ridiculously frustrated at the lack of storage space; Aaron (my partner) has put shelving up in the hallway just so I can store some of my spices etc in a somewhat organised fashion! As for the ice cream maker? Bwahaha… I actually have one now, but it gets stored in the bedroom when not in use. The clutter is worth it, so much easier than hand churning! xx

    1. B, my partner, claims that ‘it’s the best ice cream, ever’ which is, of course, a subjective claim, but is at least based on a lot of ‘research’ in which it can be measured against! It’s pretty addictive, this stuff.

      And we’re on the look out for some kind of bookshelf type thing to put up against the wall in the kitchen or hall for the same purpose!

  8. This i need to try! I also don’t have space for an ice cream maker, but I’ve been wanting to make ice creams all last summer. This will be the first I try! YUM.

    1. I just know that you will love it. My girlfriend keeps telling me to stop telling people how easy it is to make after they’ve tried it. She thinks that it might dampen the magic. I don’t believe that, because I think that cooking should be something that excites people rather than scares people. I sort of get that perhaps some recipes should remain secret, but this stuff is so damn good – I just want to spread the love! We ate it at new year with this – crazy decadent but easy to justify the two desserts since one of our friends can’t have coffee. Man, good times!

      1. That cake! Don’t get me started. I told you my new years resolution is mini cakes galore!! Oh boy….:) I totally agree with your philosophy. That was the whole reason I started this site. Cooking shouldn’t be magical witch craft. Everyone can do it and should at least be given a fair shot with a recipe that works!

    2. Oh and btw – it’s still damn good if you replace the clotted cream with double cream – tried and tested.

  9. […] of blackcurrant and liquorice in ice cream for a while now, but we’ve become so hooked on the coffee, cinnamon and rum ice cream I first made about a year ago that it’s hard to bring myself to experiment with different […]

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